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 Hello world!
Here is our lovely ambassador team

"Mä oon Iida, lähtöisin Suomen Kaliforniasta Kalajoen rannoilta. Jos mä en ole luonnossa retkeilemässä, mut löytää  vedestä  erilaisten vesilajien parista tai lumilta snoukan päältä. Bajan tuotteet ovat kestäviä ja ekologisia ja on hienoa olla mukana viemässä sanomaa kestävästä muodista eteenpäin Bajan kanssa!"

 Hi! My name is Iida and I’m from the Finnish California, Kalajoki beach! If you don’t find me hiking in the nature, you’ll probably catch me from water enjoying watersports or from the slopes with my snowboard. Baja Clothing’s products are sustainable and ecological and I’m really glad to spread the word from sustainable fashion with Baja! 
We are Pedro and Carolina, a couple from Vila do Conde - Portugal, and we are travel lovers. In 2017 we bought our Pingu (our van - VW T3 Westfalia California) and since then we have been enjoying everyday to visit every corner of our country (for now). Every time we have 1 free day, we go! If we have 2 free days, we go further! Unfortunately our jobs don't allow us to "dream" bigger but 2019 will be certainly a year it will change and it will happen already in 1st of April! We are leaving Portugal for a 6 months road trip all along Europe! We are excited about it and all the stories we'll find on our way... Stay tuned and live this dream with us.
About being part of Baja team embassador we truly share the same philosophy of the brand, ecologic products and the environment friendly missions is something that moves us. Besides that we love the products and we feel it matches our life style. 
”Olen Sanna, rento skedemimmi joka tykkää hengailla kavereiden kanssa milloin milläkin laudalla niin teitä pitkin, vedessä kuin lumessa kurvaillen.😊 Olen viittä vaille valmis liikunnanopettaja ja tykkään reissailla ympäri maailmaa aina kun mahdollista. Haluan toimia osana Bajan tiimiä, koska pidän heidän arvoista ja ekologisesta tyylistä. Samalla merkki edustaa itselleni rentoa ja mukavaa meininkiä eri lautailulajien parissa. Siihen fiilikseen ja sen tuottamiseen on ilo päästä mukaan.”
”I’m Sanna, a chill skate girl who loves to surf the urban waves and cruise around the city with friends. Carving down the slopes on a snowboard and drawing your lines on beautiful waves are also part of the game.😉 I will graduate in June from the University of Jyväskylä and become a master of sport science and education. Always when I can I take a little break and travel around the world. I want to be part of the Baja clothing family because I share their ecological values and love their unique style. The brand also represents to me a chilled and comfy lifestyle amongst different board sports which spread the good feeling around. Being part of that and being able to share this feeling to others too is simply a pleasure.”
Mirja "Mimmu" Lundgren
Olen Helsingissä kasvanut maailman matkaaja, joka on löytänyt kodin Lapista. Elämäntapana on lumilaitailu, harrastuksina jooga ja kiipeily. Nautin erityisesti hyvästä oluesta, nuotiosta ja auringonlaskuista. Luonto on suurin voimavarani ja sen säilyttämiseksi haluanki tukea ekologista muotia. 
 I'm traveller from Helsinki who has found home in Lapland. Snowboarding is my lifestyle and hobbies are climbing and yoga. I specially enjoy craft beers, bonfires and sunsets. Nature is my sanctuary and to keep it I want to support ecological fashion.
Juha Pusa
”Hi guys! I am Juha and I enjoy board sports, great trips and life in general. Nothing beats the good vibes when you’re wearing something that feels right. That’s why I choose BajaClothing.”
Olen Reetta, ja harrastuksiini kuuluvat brassijujutsu ja matkustaminen. Rakastan ihmisiä, uusia tilanteita ja seikkailua. Baja näyttää mulle spontaanilta metsälenkiltä, ja sellaisilta kesäpäiviltä, kun hyppää vaatteet päällä järveen. Kiinnostuin Bajasta ennen kaikkea sen ekologisuuden ja erottuvan tyylin takia.
I'm Reetta and my hobbies include Brazilian jujutsu and traveling. I love people, new experiences and adventure. To me, Baja embodies spontaneous sprints in the woods, and a leap into lake with clothes still on. But above all, Baja inspires me with its ecological and characteristic style.
" Hi, I'm Vilma from Finland and always on the way to explore the world. I get inspired by outdoor activities, hustling on a lacrosse field and wearing clothes that look epic and have an impressive background like Baja's. "
Olen Anni, jyväskyläläinen kauppatieteiden opiskelija. Tykkään valokuvata, laittaa ruokaa sekä reissata ja retkeillä kavereiden kanssa. Mua kiinnostaa sisältömarkkinointi, ekologisuus ja yhdessä tekeminen, joten siksi oon mukana tässä mahtavassa Bajan ambassadortiimissä.
 I'm Anni from Finland and I'm studying business and economics at Uni. I love photographing, traveling and wandering in Finnish nature. I'm also interested in sustainability and content creation, so it's awesome to be a Baja team member!
„Aloha Baja Friends,
my Name is Alena (20) and I am excited to represent and spread the message of Baja clothing all over there world.
I live and breathe to travel and explore the magic of Creation wherever I go. My Passion is movement and art and I love anything that
Includes challenging my Body and being in Nature. My main movement practice is Yoga and Martial Arts because they taught me 
the power of my mind and the connection of Body, Mind and Spirit. I love Nature with all my Heart and I am determined to contribute my part for
a more sustainable and environmental friendly Future, so that my children can experience the Magic of the Earth for themselves.“
Terveydenhoitajaopiskelija, joka nauttii hyvästä ruoasta ja huonoista vitseistä. Terveellinen ja aktiivinen elämäntapa on minulle tärkeää, mutta rakastan myös katsoa elokuvia ja syödä pitsaa. Hain mukaan Ambassador tiimiin, koska haluan tehdä töitä ekologisen muodin parissa ja saada uusia kokemuksia. 
Public health nurse student, who enjoys good food and cheesy jokes. A healthy active lifestyle is important to me, but I also love watching movies and eating pizza. I applied for the Ambassador team because I want to work with ecological fashion and get new experiences. 
"I'm Miren and I live in a constant slow motion mode in San Sebastian. I love living slowly so that I can enjoy every little sip of life. That's why I try to live the moment everytime I'm on a board, travelling or immersed in nature. As a vegan taking care of the planet, in every possible way, is my life philosophy. Therefore, I couldn't reject the opportunity of supporting Baja, as I love the way they promote slow-fashion and sustainable clothing in a world where the main target of fashion companies is to obtain earnings without taking care of the environment and the people. Baja is different and so am I."
We are Giacomo and Monica, two human being now based in Italy.
We are snowboarders, surfers and nature lovers and of course, we are two travel seeker, since the day we met.
In 2019 we bought our T4 Volkswagen van and we completely felt in love with this slow-travel mood. That’s why we decided to realize our dream: we are gonna make a road trip with our van starting from April, with no return date. We will drive across Europe discovering all the best places that this world has to offer, trying to be in contact with nature as much as we can.
Travel in a sustainable way is our goal: for all these reasons, we are so proud to represent Baja Clothing all over the world. The style and concept of this brand totally meet our needs and Baja hoodies we’ll be our travel companions from now on.
See you on the road guys!



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