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The most visible and known product in our product family is the original, warm and breathable Baja pullover.

The story of Baja pullover started from Baja California, from where it has spread widely among travelers, surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders - basically everywhere where good-looking and easy-to-wear clothing is needed.

The fit, colors and pattern are carefully designed by Senor Lopez. The patterns and colors, knitted in Mexico, are always available just for a limited period as the production uses only the best quality recycled materials. 

Style-wise, Baja is always fresh choice. Be it on the street, at the beach, or on the slope, Baja's comfortable fabric just shines!


Re-using t-shirt and fabric waste is the core of ECOMEX fabric of which Baja pullovers are made. A specialized team works on the recycling process. 

Recycling process goes as follows:

Fabric waste from t-shirt and fabric manufacturing processes is collected. Note that we are not using garbage or old fabrics but high quality cutting-excess that would otherwise go to dump. 

Fabric excess is sorted by colors, cut into long strips and woven into threads. Sorting and designing the colors is one of the most important steps in the process.  

The colors and stripes used to each hoodie are carefully designed by Senor Lopez. Selected color combinations are woven into ECOMEX-fabric. We use old-school weaving machines that create much beefier texture than is possible with the modern machines.

All fabric is washed, softened, and pre-shrunk before use. You get the fit you buy, not a random surprise with the infamous first wash.

Every ECOMEX fabric used in Baja pullovers' and blankets' is unique. We never take shortcuts in design or production.



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