Hammam-Towel – Baja Clothing


The towel of towels

Everyone who has traveled the world has run into the same issue as we have at Baja. You need a towel everywhere, and after using it, it’s wet and takes hours to dry out. Once, on our travels, we came across the hammam towel, it was love at first site. Hammam is the best towel you have ever seen, it dries you efficiently and dries out quickly. It is very versatile and it’s easy on the eyes. The best part though, is the ability to pack the hammam towel into a very small space.


What all can a towel be?

The versatile Hammam towel can beautify its wearer as scarf/shawl, decorate the living room sofa with its flair and bring color to a day trip as a picnic blanket or as a throw. Due to its structure and beautiful appearance the only limit to discovering new uses is your imagination.


Roots in Turkey 

600 years ago, in Turkish hammam baths, towels were used, whose properties have not need to be changed since. They are still woven by hand of natural materials in Denizl Province of Turkey. Traditionally Hammam towels were produced completely of cotton, however, more recently the light and beautiful linen has been used as well. In the last few years, the towel has risen to great popularity around the world. Owing to its unique characteristics, it has easily swept past the clumsy terry cloth and captivates people of all ages with its style.



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