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T-shirt, Finnish quality work.

Ukko Skateboards T-shirt made in Finland and of excellent quality is now available!

The products are made in Jyväskylä, the material is GOTS-Certified 100% organic cotton and the end result is caressing the skin!

By investing in this product, you bring work to Finland. 

History of Husband Shirts:

The history of Ukko shirts dates back to 2013, when the young man Waltteri "Ukko" Hietala, who threatened his zest for life, was able to assemble his own skate team under his own name. In the remote town of Lapinlahti, a reputable skate gang adopted the Ukko brand. As a result, young men and women have worn Ukko skateboards shirts countless times.

As Waku grew and experience gained, shirts began to be asked from here to here. Ukko delivered them in large numbers all over Finland, and the buyers were happy! Didn’t have to be a skater when he wanted (And still wants to) put on a Husband’s shirt. These were found in hippies, madmen, skaters, clowns, anarchists, and capitalists. What really attracts me here, Ukko pondered.

A successful logo, a good vibe and a cheap price made the demand bounce to the ears. The hubby put the shirt on the world, though not with the merit in mind, (each shirt once produced a stinging few cents loss to the young daredevil) but because the thing was neat and fun to do.

Thunder had become a phenomenon among the young people of its time.

According to his conservative assessment, Ukko has delivered countless t-shirts over the years.

The year 2020
Someone unhappy bought a bat in Wuhan, China, and the whole world went awry.
Baja Clothing believed it was coming to an end, and the stuff was sold at a record low for a record deal.

Elmeri from Baja mailed packages and at the same time pondered how unsustainable is a business where the product is chartered from afar. Even if the product is a recycled material, it does not compensate for emissions from cargo. If this is clarified, one could move to an ethically sustainable model that brings work to Finland.

At one time, Elmeri bought Ukkopirts from Waltter.

“I wonder if Ukoo still has mayhem going on,” would mind. Inches by the way, you can tell by asking.

In many ways, Elmer's proposal produces better old man T-shirts in Finland and permanently sank into Waku than a hot knife in butter. The shirts were completed in November and the end result is simply wonderful.

Made in Finland T-shirt, but not a normal t-shirt more expensive.

If you are considering a Christmas present for yourself, your godchild, your unemployed / boyfriend, or even your dog, this is a great option.

The model in the picture is wearing an M-size shirt. The model measures 182 cm and 77 kg.


Made in Finland

100% organic cotton

Washing instructions

Normal wash 30° C

Bleaching prohibited

Ironing up to 150 ° C

Do not dry clean


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Otso Wihersaari

Asteikolla 6-8 annan arvosanaksi 8, siis täydet

Taneli Karjula
Ajaton ja tyylikäs

Kelpo kude joka käyttöön. Yksinkertainen on kaunista.

Maria Ylimartimo


Call of Dydy
Hieno & hyvä paita

Mukavan tuntoista materiaalia, hyvä istuvuus. Suosittelen 5/5, näihin kuviin & tunnelmiin.

Matias Niskanen
Matikka N

Oikein hyvän tuntoinen päällä. Miellyttävä ihoa vasten, joka erottaakin Ukon halppis kamoista.



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